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Customer Reviews

Custom Rainwater Tank Liner for Large Leaking Water Tank

Leaking Water Tank

A rural customer of the local branch of a large irrigation retail network had a 120,000 litre leaking water tank under their house.  The water tank, built at the same time as the house,was old, in disrepair and leaking through some large cracks. Previous attempts to repair the water tank had failed.

Water Tank Liner

The irrigation store called the team at Waterplex to find a tank liner solution. The challenge was not just the limited access. The water tank had two internal structural piers which would need to be enclosed with a tank liner as well.


Fortunately Waterplex has a unique but simple and effective method of fully fabricating a tank liner off-site that enables the full encapsulation of piers within a water tank. The solution also includes a protective liner under the waterproof tank liner in case additional cracks appear over time. This method is significantly more cost-effective than employing a specialist team to fabricate and weld a tank liner on site to encapsulate the piers.

Brand New Water Tank

The customer received a "new water tank" with a potable grade liner (independently accredited to AS4020) completely encapsulating the piers in the tank. The shaped tank liner was installed in a day and, best of all, the flexible tank liner will compensate for future  movement or degradation in the tank and so will not leak even if the concrete walls or piers crack and move again!


The Liquidity VLS® tank and void liner solution by Waterplex is the ideal solution for failing or leaking concrete tanks – and also for lining new tanks or voids.

Leaking and dirty Water Tank in need of repair
Leaking Water Tank Relined and Watertight for Drinking Water

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