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Flexitanks that Protect Shipping Containers

Conventional flexitanks rely on the strength of shipping container walls to prevent the liquid from escaping. Unfortunately this can result in damage to the container if it is subject to sudden movements during transit. An example of container damage due to conventional flexitanks can be seen in this photo.

Now there is a bulk liquid flexitank solution to address this industry issue. The Liquatrans E-flex flexitank from Waterplex prevents shipping containers from being damaged by removing the product (and therefore the force) from the side walls of the container. Unlike conventional flexitanks, the E-flex does not rely on the walls of the container and a bulkhead to stop the liquid from escaping. That means that the E-flex no-bulkhead flexitank is able to prevent the bowing of container walls when the container is being transported.


The design of the Liquatrans flexitank prevent the product from coming into contact with the centre of the side walls of the container offering a number of key advantages over all other flexitanks:


  • There is no risk of the flexitank pushing out the side wall of the container
  • The container selection criteria can be relaxed when there is a shortage of suitable containers
  • Because the flexitank is not touching the centre of the container side walls, the container walls do not need to be lined with cardboard as they do for conventional flexitanks (see the cut-away section of the front a self-supporting flexitank in this photo).
Conventional flexitank container damage
Waterplex Flexitank not touching the sides of the container

Avoid disputes with your freight forwarder and shipping lines. Choose the Liquatrans E-flex flexitank from Waterplex and remove the risk of damaging shipping liner containers.


For more information on the Liquatrans range of flexitanks, contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

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