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Flexitanks without Bulkheads for the bulk transport of Liquids in Shipping Containers

Waterplex offers a range of flexitank solutions for the bulk transport of liquid in standard 20’ shipping containers. While flexitanks are commonly accepted and used as a method of transporting up to 24,000 litres of liquid in 20’ shipping containers, most flexitanks require a steel reinforced bulkhead to be able to stop the water from escaping - until now.


The E-Flex reinforced flexitank is the first flexitank of its type to be able to transport liquid within a shipping container without a bulkhead. While most companies are still trying to develop bulkheads to prevent liquid from escaping, the E-Flex flexitank's unique design actually stops the liquid from moving.


A conventional flexitank in a shipping container with a bulkhead takes up to one hour for two people to install. As part of the process the container has to be lined, the flexitank has to be deployed extremely carefully and then the bulkhead installed. Our E-Flex flexitank can be easily installed by one person in two minutes. It does not require a bulkhead and the container does not need to be lined.


The relatively simple deployment hides the complex manufacturing process that results in two separate tanks, one on top of the other, with six interconnections for optimal liquid flow and all contained within inner and outer reinforced polypropylene outers. And of course the liner is food grade and suitable for almost all non-hazardous materials.


The video links show just how easy the deployment process is and how the flexitank fills with a tapered front edge to prevent the liquid from moving. Contact the team at Waterplex if you would like to know more about the latest in flexitank design innovation that is proven in Europe.


For bulk liquid and dry goods transport solutions, call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

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