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Customer Reviews

Inner City Basement Tank

Sometimes the best place to install a rainwater tank can be the worst place to install a rainwater tank! That was what an Australian architect found recently when rebuilding her own home. The goal was to have a rainwater tank at the lowest point of the house and the storage capacity needed to be more than 6,000 litres. That’s more than six cubic metres of space. Having the tank outside was just not an option on a small inner city block – there was just no space available.


The only viable alternative appeared to be installing a rainwater tank in the basement. But the basement was already built and enclosed. The only access was through the 600mm x 900mm picture in the manhole. …a bit too small to fit your average 6000L rainwater tank through.

Manhole Access for Basement Tank
Inner city Basement Tank

Fortunately the Waterplex AquaClad® tank is not your average tank. It is a very strong and robust water tank made from galvanised steel is supplied in its component parts to be carried into difficult access locations and then is assembled in its final location. The tank is rectangular to allow optimal storage capacity for the available space. The super strong construction uses a patent pending design that “locks” the panels in the vertical sections and uses a specially designed AquaBolt® to ensure that the tank is more than strong enough to withstand the hydrostatic force of the water.


With four different heights and widths and 16 available lengths, there are more than 250 sizes to choose from. And it looks just great! If raw Zincalume® is not your style then try one of the 20+ Colorbond® steel colours. Or you can even mix and match the frame and tank panel colours. Check out the tank painter here. The end result for this architect was more than 7,000 litres of rainwater storage in a space that she had thought it would be impossible to install a tank in for harvesting rainwater. Check out the installation video.

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