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Customer Reviews

Rainwater Tanks for a Cliffside Home

Rainwater Tanks for Difficult Access Locations

The broad range of water tank and storage solutions at Waterplex ensures there is a rainwater tank solution for almost every possible location. The challenge with this cliff side home was to provide 10,000 litres of rainwater tank capacity for a very difficult access site with limited space available on the site.


The solution in this case required two different solutions:

  • a rainwater bladder tank under the house; and
  • a steel slimline modular rainwater tank

Both the bladder tank and the slimline modular water tank can be carried on to the site in their component parts and at a fraction of the size of the final stored capacity.  The difficulty of the site access and tank placement is demonstrated in the photos. The tanks are interconnected and the lower steel water tank is used to fill the bladder tank before it fills completely and then overflows to stormwater. The interconnection also allows the reticulation of the water into the home using the water from both tanks with a single pump.


The AquaClad® steel slimline water tank is an attractive and practical solution for difficult sites including cliff side homes, building basements and rooftop water tanks.


For more information on tight spot water tanks and water storage solutions for difficult access locations, contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70 or by email

Cliff side water tanks
Cliff side water tanks

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