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Shaped Water Bladder Tank Under a Home

Prestige Home with shaped Water Bladder Tank
Void space to be used for shaped water bladder tank

Where do you put your Rainwater Tank?

The owners of this beautiful new home faced a real problem during the building process. They had planned to install an underground rainwater tank under the house - until they hit bed rock during the building process. While they could have gone ahead with a lengthy and costly excavation to install an underground rainwater tank, there was a much simpler and more cost effective water tank solution.

A Custom bladder tank that holds 10,000 litres

The design of the home called for the whole roof to be used to harvest rainwater to maximise the amount of water available for reticulation back into the home for toilets and the laundry, and for irrigation. The foundation design of the home included some empty void spaces. In consultation with the architects and builders, Waterplex customised a shaped enclosed bladder tank to be installed in the void space shown in the attached photo. The shaped bladder water tank holds 10,000 litres of storage, double the original amount of planned storage and at less than half the cost. And most importantly, a lengthy and costly excavation process was avoided.


The design of the bladder water tank includes a centralised first flush device (to remove any dirty rainwater) and an inlet to the bladder tank that also acts as a diversion when the tank is full. That means that in significant rainfalls the water does not enter the bladder tank and then have to overflow. It simply diverts straight to storm water. The design also allows for ongoing access to the rainwater bladder tank for normal maintenance as occasionally required for all rainwater tanks. Plus the water is stored in a cool and dark place ensuring the best possible rainwater quality.


For all water tank storage solutions, including those tricky problems where a conventional rainwater tank solution just will not work, contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

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