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Customer Reviews

Tank Liner Solution for Water Tank Under Tennis Court

Waterplex were contacted recently by a customer with a very large water tank under their tennis court. The tank was old, cracked, in disrepair and leaking. It stored little water, and what little water was in the tank was very poor quality.

In addition to being large, the tank was made more complicated by an inverted corner (as can be seen in the attached photo) which contained the inlets to the tank and a large sump where the pump is located for optimal water re-use.

Inverted Corner Tank Under Tennis Court

Water Tank Liner to Drinking Water Quality

Waterplex prefabricated a water tank liner in a potable grade material to fit the tank. The tank liner also included an inverted corner and large sump to match the exact location and size in the tank.
In addition to the pre-fabricated tank liner, a full geo textile liner for the floor and walls of the tank was also supplied to ensure the longevity of the tank liner. The tank liner included an attachment system around the top edge for attachment to the tank walls. It was installed in a morning and converted a leaking old tank with poor quality water into a brand new water tank with a potable grade tank liner.

The cost of the liner was less than 10 cents per litre installed and it has the benefit of being intentionally oversized and flexible so that it will cope with any future movement or hairline cracks in the tank.


For more information on water tank liner solutions no matter what size or shape, contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

Inverted Corner Tank Under Tennis Court

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