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Turn Your Swimming Pool into a Rainwater Tank

Make Rainwater Tanks from Swimming Pools

When a swimming pool is no longer required, or if you decide that a rainwater tank is more important than your swimming pool, you can turn your swimming pool into a very large rainwater tank. We strongly recommend that you consult building professionals to ensure that you get it right. Once you have completed the "conversion", Waterplex can fabricate a drinking-water-quality liner to ensure your converted pool is water tight and the quality of your water is the best it can be.


The first step is to "put a lid" on your swimming pool. It might be a deck or it might be a concrete slab as can be seen in the photo of the lined swimming pool here.

Swimming Pool Converted into a Rain Water Tank

Making the Rainwater Tank Water Tight

The next step is to make sure that the pool is completely water tight and able to store rainwater up to drinking water quality (it is important to ensure the water delivered to your rainwater tank is of good quality). Waterplex has just the solution. A swimming pool liner can be made from potable grade liner to match the shape of your pool and turn it into a water tank.

The other factors that should be taken into account when turning a swimming pool into a rain water tank include:

  • pre-filtration using rain heads and / or first flush diverters
  • how much of the roof can be used and connected to downpipes to deliver rainwater into the water tank
  • how the water is then delivered to where it is needed. In most cases this will be a connection to a pump using an existing swimming pool outlet.

When you have concerted your swimming pool into a rainwater tank, call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70 and we will be happy to help with a potable grade liner for your "new tank".

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