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Waterplex Tank Liners for Fire Sprinkler and Hydrant Tanks

Water Tank Liners for Fire Tanks

Waterplex tank liners are a cost effective watertight solution for fire hydrant tanks and fire sprinkler tanks. The tank liners are usually fully prefabricated off site to the specification measurements of the specific tank. The tank liners are fully pre-fabricated from a flexible membrane specifically chosen to suit fire sprinkler and fire hydrant tanks and then installed in the tanks. As a result they are not adversely impacted by any subsequent movement in the tank walls or subject to the difficulties of surface preparation and application of flexible paint-on membranes. This is because the liners are flexible, oversized and not attached to the tank walls other than at the very top edge.


Waterplex water tank liners also include a protective layer that is installed between the water tight liner and the tank walls. Seals and penetrations are all made on site once the liner is in place. The unique Waterplex AquaClad® hanging rail makes the installation of tank liners simple and efficient and allows for adjustments even when the liner is in place.


A recent example of a fire water tank liner installation for a major retail outlet was the installation of two complete tank liners each measuring 2m wide x 34m long x 3m high in just two days. The simple attachment mechanism minimises the “down time” of fire system water tanks. In this particular customer application there were six attempts to repair a failed paint-on membrane. The newly installed tank liners were watertight from the first fill. And because the liners are fully supported by the tank walls, there is no stress on the material or the fabrication.


For more information on tank liners for fire water tanks, fire hydrant tanks and fire sprinkler tanks, contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70 or contact us at

Fire Hydrant Water Tank Liner

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