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Pipe Threading & Grooving

Pipe Threaders and Groovers you can count on

Browse through ANC Distribution's wide and detailed selection of Threading & Grooving machines that we have to offer anyone who wants to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We carry a large supply of different types of pipe threading machines and pipe groove cutting machines that can accommodate various pipe sizes and pipe materials, providing operators with solid and reliable tools for their work, whether it's in the workshop or at the jobsite. Not restricted to just threading and grooving, many of these machines can be used a variety of applications, such as cutting, deburring, and other pipe modifications.

Hand Threaders

Feel power directly in the palms of your hands when you use any of ANC Distribution's selection of REMS Hand Threaders. These powerful, super handy electric tools are among some of the fastest, strongest, smallest, and lightest pipe threading machines in the industry. The REMS Amigo can handle up to 31mm pipe threads, the REMS Amigo 2 Compact up to 50mm pipe threads, and the REMS Amigo E up to 25mm pipe threads. Incredibly easy to handle, these hand threaders are used for threading with a unique support bracket. They can be used anywhere without the need for a vise for a variety of applications, including repair and renovation.

Hand Threaders
Roll Grooving Machines

A must-have tool for industrial and utility piping applications alike, our selection of Roll Grooving Machines can provide you with the strength you need to handle pipes of different materials and sizes. Incredibly easy to use, each of these pipe groove cutting machines is designed to provide you with optimal power and handling, allowing you to create accurate and precise grooves onto those pipes and tubes. Offering a wide variety of different Roll Groovers, you’ll be sure to find the right type of tool for the right type of pipe in this selection.

Roll Grooving Machines
Threading Accessories

ANC Distribution offers a wide variety of Threading Accessories that not only assist in the threading job but also enhance the experience. Each of these accessories provides a helping hand in order to improve the overall job, making it a lot easier for you. From lubricating oils to sturdy pipe holders to cropping tongs, we have exactly what you need to make the job a lot easier while you're out there at the jobsite.

Threading Accessories
Threading Dies

You won't be able to make a clear and clean cut into your pipe material without the help of high-quality threading dies that offer precise cutting geometry while ensuring an excellent start-cutting performance, easy threading, and clean threads. These dies are engineered in a high-quality special-grade steel and are fully tempered and hardened for extremely long service life. Easy to install, we have a variety of dies and die heads in different shapes and sizes to accommodate your threading machine.

Threading Dies
Threading Machines

ANC Distribution carries a huge, wide, and detailed selection of high-performing, industrial strength, jobsite-proven, robust, and durable pipe Threading Machines. These incredibly powerful tools are engineered using only high-quality materials to provide you with a solid and reliable way to thread pipes. They can be used on a variety of pipes and tubes, all of different shapes, sizes, and materials.

Threading Machines

Powerful Threading Machines

Threading machines need to be reliable and accurate as they cut threads into your pipes. Our supply of REMS and Reed threading machines are engineered with the robust strength to make those threads quickly and effortlessly. The REMS Tornado, Magnum, and Aquila and the Reed Power Drives are all excellent machines that can easily cut into pipes of different sizes and thickness.

A lot of the strength and power of a threading machine comes from a well-engineered and durable die head, and we have a good supply of those on our hands. We carry threading dies for all of the different machines we offer, both REMS and Reed. These dies are incredibly easy to replace and quick-change, providing you with a way to quickly exchange die heads for cutting differently sized pipes.

To make the threading job a lot easier, we also offer a variety of accessories to help improve the process. The REMS and Reed lubricating thread oils keep their machines and other tools clean and running smoothly. The Cropping Tongs easily cut threaded pipes down to the right size while the REMS Dual Purpose Holder works with their machines to keep the pipes reliably stable and steady.

ANC Distribution also supplies you with some of the fastest, lightest, and strongest Hand Threaders in the market. These threaders are powerful and offer much more flexibility and versatility when working with uniquely shaped pipes.

Finally, the Roll Grooving Machines we have available are engineered to provide you with a long and dedicated service life. Both the REMS and Reed groovers are designed to work flawlessly with their respected threaders, helping you manipulate the pipes into the right kind of shape you need to finish the job.

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