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Customer Reviews

Ratchet Buckles

If you're looking for the right tensioning device for the job, you can never go wrong with the reliable strength and holding power of our durable Ratchet Buckles. These buckles are one of the most reliable devices in the trucking and cargo control industry, providing you with adequate strength using only minimal effort. They're specifically designed to keep a solid and supportive hold over your entire load, preventing the strap from coming loose during transit. We carry these buckles in a variety of sizes, ranging from 25mm to 35mm to 50mm with your choice of short handles, wide handles, or standard handles. Whatever size of the handle you choose, they each provide a comfortable grip for maximum leverage, keeping you in full control over the cargo at all times.

  • Ancra Cargo

    Ancra 75mm Ratchet Buckle - 48965-10

    75mm Ratchet Buckle When you're faced with handling the really heavy-duty tie-down jobs that call for uncompromising strength, you're going to need to start using the reliable tensioning power of the durable 75mm Ratchet Buckle...

  • Ancra Cargo

    Ancra 50mm Reverse Ratchet Buckle - 47700-10

    *GST Inclusive
    $18.11 *GST Inclusive

    50mm Reverse Ratchet Buckle The 50mm Reverse Ratchet Buckle is a unique tensioning device that changes the way you tighten down your cargo. This ratchet buckle is designed to effectively apply tension to the strap by pushing the wide handle downwards...

  • Ancra Cargo

    Ancra 50mm Ratchet Buckle - 44587-10

    50mm Ratchet Buckle If you're looking at dealing with a heavy-duty tie-down job, then you need to break out the uncompromising strength of the durable 50mm Ratchet Buckle. This tensioning device is the ideal tie-down tool as it can...

  • Ancra Cargo

    Ancra 35mm Ratchet Buckle - 44257-10

    *GST Inclusive
    $16.19 *GST Inclusive

    35mm Ratchet Buckle You will discover that tensioning your cargo using the efficient and reliable 35mm Ratchet Buckle is much easier and less time consuming than with other types of tensioning devices. This ratchet buckle is designed to incrementally...

  • Ancra Cargo

    Ancra 25mm Gold Ratchet Buckle - 43320-32

    *GST Inclusive
    $9.11 *GST Inclusive

    25mm Gold Ratchet Buckle One of the most reliable and easy-to-use tensioning devices in the entire cargo control industry, you can almost never go wrong with using the dependable strength of the 25mm Gold Ratchet Buckle. This gold passivated...

  • Ancra Cargo

    Ancra 25mm Black Ratchet Buckle - 48770-10

    *GST Inclusive
    $4.44 *GST Inclusive

    25mm Black Ratchet Buckle You will be able to take nearly any kind of challenge in the cargo control industry once you get your hands on this 25mm Black Ratchet Buckle. This is the ideal tensioning device that puts control right into the palms of your...

  • Ancra Cargo

    Ancra 25mm Ratchet Buckle - PC1001SS

    *GST Inclusive
    $28.64 *GST Inclusive

    25mm Ratchet Buckle The heavy-duty 25mm Ratchet Buckle is the easiest way to obtain maximum tensioning in very little time with very little effort on your end. This durable tensioning device, made from high-quality Grade 304 stainless steel, is...

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