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Customer Reviews

Retangular Steel Slimline

The Waterplex Rectangular Steel Slimline Water Tanks are the more compact and space-efficient solutions when it comes to safely and reliably storing water on your property. These tanks are designed with a more rectangular corrugated steel shape that maximises water storage capacities in a limited available space. They feature straight ends that slightly curve thanks to an innovative use of tight radius curves on the tank corners. This gives you more available water holding capabilities even when forced to use much less space.

580 - 1020mm High

For properties that need a smaller water storage solution, we recommend the more compact yet no less reliable 580mm to 1020mm Rectangular Tanks from Waterplex. These rectangular corrugated steel slimline water tanks are more than efficient when it comes to storing more rainwater in an area in which space is limited. The rectangular tanks differ from traditional corrugated steel water tanks in that these tanks feature tight radius curves along their corners, which allows them to maximise the available space to their full advantage, increasing their water storage capabilities.

580 - 1020mm High
1180 - 1560mm High

The Waterplex 1180mm to 1560mm Rectangular Tanks will have you effectively collecting and storing rainwater for your property as soon as they’re installed. Designed to provide you with a reliable way to fully maximise your water storage capacity while located in an area with limited space, these water tanks are the ideal choice for your water storage solution. The tanks are designed with straight ends that slightly curve using tight radius curves along the tank’s corners, allowing the tank to hold much more water than completely straight steel water tanks.

1180 - 1560mm High
1635 - 1860mm High

With the easy installation of the 1635mm to 1860mm Rectangular Tanks from Waterplex onto your home or property, you’ll have a reliable way of effectively collecting, storing, and preserving the quality of the rainwater for a variety of uses. The design of the tanks allows you to fully maximise your water storage space even if your home or property has a smaller, more compact area. This tank features straight ends that only slightly curve using tight radius curves, which increases that tank’s maximum water storage capabilities.

1635 - 1860mm High
1960 - 2020mm High

The Waterplex 1960mm to 2020mm Rectangular Tanks are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, each one offering you a reliable and solid way to efficiently collect and store water on your property. These tanks have been engineered to effectively maximise your water storage capabilities within a limited space. They feature tight radius curves on their steel corners so that the tanks can capture and store more rainwater that can then be used for a variety of applications. Easy to install, they are an excellent choice for nearly any kind of property.

1960 - 2020mm High

Rectangular Steel Water Tank Sizes and Materials

There are plenty of Rectangular Steel Slimline Water Tanks to choose from. There are over 4,000 sizes in Zincalume® or any of the Colorbond® colours, and they can hold between 440 litres to 5,750 litres of liquids. The tanks can be used for traditional rainwater harvesting as well as on-site detention tanks and water retention tanks. Orifice plate fittings can be easily installed in the water tank during the manufacturing process.

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