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Slip Hooks

These high-quality Slip Hooks are some of our most reliable end fittings that you can have on your tie-down assembly. These hooks are more versatile and lightweight, making them the ideal choice for the light-duty tie-down jobs that don't require bulk or enhanced strength. Despite how lightweight they are, they still provide you with a strong and supportive grip over your entire cargo. Available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 8mm to 10mm to 13mm, these hooks are engineered from high-quality steel for a more reliable grip. They can also be attached to the end of your chain assembly since their narrow throat allows them to easily connect with the narrow links on the chain. This also makes them a good choice for your chain lifting sling as well.

  • Ancra Cargo

    Ancra 10mm Grade 70 Slip Hook - 40457

    *GST Inclusive
    $8.95 *GST Inclusive

    10mm Grade 70 Slip Hook If you're looking for a way to complete the ideal tie-down assembly that has the necessary strength to provide efficient securement for your load, then we recommend you try the durable 10mm Grade 70 Slip Hook. This...

  • Ancra Cargo

    Ancra 8mm Grade 70 Slip Hook - 40456

    *GST Inclusive
    $6.70 *GST Inclusive

    8mm Grade 70 Slip Hook The strength of the 8mm Grade 70 Slip Hook lies in its ability to quickly and easily slip into the anchor point or onto another chain link in order to establish and maintain a firm and reliable connection. This is essential when it...

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