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Customer Reviews

Steel Slimline

As a space-saving, cost-effective harvested rainwater storage solution, you can’t go wrong with Waterplex’s line of Steel Slimline Water Tanks. These durable tanks are built from industrial strength steel and are capable of lasting for years and years against harsh conditions and environments. They’ve got what it takes to withstand the challenges of the Australian environment as the ideal solutions to storing and preserving the quality of your water.

580 - 1020mm High

When limited space is an issue on your property, you’ll be able to benefit from the installation of these Waterplex 580mm to 1020mm Steel Slimline Tanks. Their lightweight and smaller size makes them the ideal choice for areas in which there’s not a lot of space. Once installed, they take full advantage of that space and put it to good use as these tanks collect and harvest rainwater for your property. Manufactured from high-quality Bluescope® Aquaplate® steel, these tanks are designed to protect your water supply from tough challenges thanks to their enhanced durability and strength.

580 - 1020mm High
1180 - 1560mm High

When deciding on which type of water tank is right for your property, you should consider the noteworthy strength and durability of Waterplex’s 1180mm to 1560mm Steel Slimline Tanks. With tanks like these, your water collecting capabilities are in more than capable hands as these tanks provide you with a reliable way to collect and store rainwater for harvesting. The tanks are engineered from high-quality Bluescope® Aquaplate® steel that gives them the durability needed to withstand harsher conditions all while protecting your water.

1180 - 1560mm High
1635 - 1860mm High

The Waterplex 1635mm to 1860mm Steel Slimline Tanks are some of the most space-efficient and cost-effective solutions when it comes to reliably storing water on your property. With their size and shape, they are excellent for installing in areas that have limited space, allowing you to take full advantage of whatever space is available. Engineered from high-quality Bluescope® Aquaplate® steel, this type of tank knows how to treat your water right as it has the kind of durability you need to withstand harsher conditions and environments.

1635 - 1860mm High
1940 - 2020mm High

For a solid and reliable way to safely store and preserve the quality of your collected rainwater on your property, we recommend you try installing the 1940mm to 2020mm Steel Slimline Tanks from Waterplex. These tanks have been engineered from high-quality Bluescope® Aquaplate® steel for enhanced durability, giving them the strength to easily overcome whatever challenges you can face out there. Easy to install onto your property, these tanks allow you to effectively maximise your property’s rainwater storage capabilities with minimal effort on your end.

1940 - 2020mm High

Water Tank Installation

There are a few rules during the installation process that you must keep in mind in order to capture as much rainwater as possible. The tank should be placed in a central location to get as many downpipes connected to it as possible. Check the roof area feeding each downpipe and try to optimise the roof as it is capturing water for your tank, although remember that more downpipes do not necessarily mean the largest catchment area. Also, you will want to install a high-quality stainless steel mesh inlet, a first flush rainwater diverter or rain head, and a quality pump. If you are using your rainwater for drinking water, install an in-line water filter between the rainwater tank and your taps.

Sizes and Fittings

These steel slimline tanks are supplied with the following standard fittings: 400mm inlet leaf strainer, 25mm outlet, brass ball valve, and 90mm PVC overflow. Built with dependable durability in mind, they offer a reliable way to safely store your water on your property. Every tank is individually water tested before it is delivered onto the slab at your home. The tanks vary in height, width, length, and depth and can hold between 350 litres to 5,530 litres of water.

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