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Waterplex 2000 Litre Poly Squat Under Deck - WP-WPU18550240

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Waterplex 2000 Litre Poly Squat Under Deck

Waterplex 2000 Litre Poly Squat Under Deck - WP-WPU18550240

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Waterplex 2000 Litre Under Deck Poly Squat

The Waterplex 2000 Litre Poly Squat Under Deck Tank is an excellent way of installing a reliable and durable water storage solution onto your property that stays out of sight. This type of water tank takes the concept of the narrow slimline water tank and puts it on its side and under your deck, providing you with a reliable method of preserving your rainwater for later use. By storing the tank under your deck, you are not only able to keep it out of sight but you also use up that wasted space under there.

We've engineered this poly tank from durable food grade plastic to the Australian water tank standard (AS4766). This plastic is UV stabilized, so you don't need to be concerned about plastic breakdown due to sun-exposure. Since this storage area is completely enclosed underneath your deck, you don't have to worry about the quality of the water or the risk of attracting mosquitoes. The tank can also possibly collect more downpipes than traditional rainwater tanks that are located alongside a home. Additionally, multiple tanks can be linked together to increase the water storage capacity. The tanks don't need to be side by side for this.

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