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Customer Reviews

Bagel Underground Rainwater Tanks

As an ideal storage solution for properties that have limited space on the surface, the Bagel Underground Tank is also a great idea for those who want to hide their tank out of sight. Manufactured with a liquid carrying capacity of up to 5,000 litres, it is one of Waterplex’s larger options that is easy to install thanks to its low-profile and lightweight design. If the excavation is less than 1500mm, excavated area does not require fencing or shoring.



The tank is suitable for installation in load bearing applications, and it can be installed at any stage in the building process or can be easily combined with other Toroid underground water tanks to achieve a greater liquid storage capacity. Engineered from high-quality materials for greater durability, the Bagel can be used for the detention and retention of water in accordance with local council building requirements. The Bagel Tank is accredited to the poly water tank manufacturing standard (AS4766) and to the septic tank standard for the burial of tanks underground (AS1546.1).

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