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​Aseptic Flexitanks – Transport Your Highly Perishable Cargo in Bulk

Posted by ANC DISTRIBUTION Australia Pty Ltd on Nov 04, 2021

​Aseptic Flexitanks – Transport Your Highly Perishable Cargo in Bulk

Aseptic packaging provides a sterile environment for the transport and storage of highly perishable liquids. By combining gamma irradiation and a specially designed valve, LiquA Aseptic R-Flex for 20’ reefer containers give you the ability to send delicate products like dairy and fresh juice in payloads of up to 22,000 Litres.

Gamma IrradiationLiqua R-Flex Reefer Container
This common method of sterilisation is considered one of the most effective and reliable ways of protecting against microorganism contamination. Used as a means of sterilisation for over 50 years, there are more than 200 gamma irradiation plants, spread across 55 countries across the globe.
The sterilisation process is applied after each flexitank is packed and sealed by applying 3-10kGy of gamma irradiation. Through ionisation, the gamma rays remove electrons from the atoms of substances. These free electrons can detach DNA molecules from living organisms, which is fatal to microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast and mould - guaranteeing an aseptic environment inside the flexitank.

If not coupled to a connecting hose in an aseptic manner, the flexitank will lose the sterile properties gained by the gamma irradiation processing. To ensure a clean connection, LiquA have developed and patented a thermoplastic valve with integrated steam jets.
If you have a product that you are currently transporting domestically or internationally that requires aseptic packaging, do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss the suitability of the LiquA Aseptic R-Flex.

For more information, contact us on 1800 426 272, or speak to your regular ANC Distribution contacts.

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