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ESSENTIALS - For the Plumber's Toolkit

Posted by ANC DISTRIBUTION Australia Pty Ltd on Oct 13, 2021

ESSENTIALS - For the Plumber's Toolkit

The last few years have been manic for plumbers. Extra work and extra stress brought on by the world-wide pandemic. It has left us all reeling in our tracks. If there are some new, old or just plain handy items that can assist you in your daily work progress, why not sound them out.

Plumbers are technically inclined and know which tools best suit the job at hand. They must be aware of health hazards and often climb into dark and dank spaces to find a lasting solution. These are the most handy tools, some just plain obvious whilst others you may rush out to purchase. Enjoy the long list of great ideas we have put together for you to make your job and life easier.

They come in all shapes and sizes. There is not simply ONE wrench which can service all of your needs. A well-informed plumber knows that the essential wrench list is the combination of many.
our ‘mandatory’ wrenches would include:

This is the plumber’s largest wrench to assist tightening and loosening of nuts and fitti
ngs on all pipework. Typically, you would use one wrench to hold the pipe in place and another pipe wrench to turn the nut or fitting. The useful Pipe Wrench does come in many size solutions, so your best option is to carry a full set. REED hold a massive range of these handy and quality hardened steel products.

REMS Swedish Pattern Wrench Link

Did you know that REMS have a very clever option in their Swedish Pattern Wrench Range. The tool is heavy-duty hardened in drop-forged steel and highly wear resistant.
It is high quality and features a durable and hard-gripping S-shaped jaw.
It also features a STOP that prevents jamming and holds an adjusting nut that cannot be lost.
Most importantly, the jaws are a 3-point grip which solidly hold onto any smooth or rough nuts, bolts and of course, pipes. Available in various sizes too so you can complete your Pipe Wrench set.

You really can’t go on without this simple yet smart tool.


REED Quick Release Tubing Cutters

The hardy Tube Cutter tool is responsible for slicing through durable tubing material effortlessly.
The Reed Quick Release Tubing Cutter for 10mm-90mm tubes is designed to make cutting a lot easier as it can be used on a wide variety of tubing materials such as aluminium, copper, steel and brass. This particular tube cutter features a quick release knob located on the die-cast zinc aluminium sliding bar. The knob allows for fast tool placement and/or removal on the pipe or tube that you are looking to cut. A built-in reamer and spare cutter wheel in the knob make your pipe cutting work far easier to manage. The cutter also has a ball detent wheel pin that offers simplified cutter wheel changes. This allows you to interchange cutter wheels and cut an even larger variety of tubes.
A triangular scraper helps to remove burrs on the inside of the tube. For longer cutter wheel life, we recommend you don’t feed the cutter wheel into the pipe too fast and to also avoid side pressure on the cutter.

Our strong and trustworthy REMS brand also has quite a decent range of Tubing Cutters:

REMS Range of Tubing CuttersNot only do they slice through thick tubing made from durable materials, the REMS range of cutters are capable of easy, quick adjustments in both directions. This makes it an extremely versatile option for slicing through copper, thin-walled stainless steel, thin-walled steel, aluminium, and brass tubes easily. The REMS Tube Cutters all feature an ergonomic, handy, easy-to-use operating knob in metal for easy work and longer service life.

The cutter wheel is hardened in an approved, tough-hard REMS die steel quality. This cutter wheel is protected against touching the back pressure rollers by in-feed limitations. The cutter also features a sturdy telescopic spindle, a long spindle guidance and four hardened back pressure rollers. All of these ensure exact tube alignment, easy in-feed, cutting and precise right angle cutting.

REMS Quality Pipe Shears

Plumbers are often having to update older or poor condition piping within domestic and commercial properties. You can’t go far without high quality Pipe Shears. Our REMS range are strong and durable enough to cut through stubborn materials such as plastic pipes and multi-layer composite tubes like tissue paper. The hardened blades are replaceable, so you’ll never have to work with a dull blade again. The REMS range of shears are engineered from a lightweight and sturdy aluminium for easier handling.
They are a MUST have in your toolkit for both accurate and easy cutting.

pipe sheers

REMS LED Portable Lamp


Not only are plumbers notorious for working in small, dark places, they can often have a call-out in the night time.It is for this very reason that the REMS LED Lamp was designed. This handy, light and portable LED Lamp illuminates the work area by using a powerful beam of light that effectively brightens up the workspace. The lamp is so versatile that it can be placed almost anywhere. It features a head that is continuously tilted by 145° for better illumination and is powered by Li-Ion 14.4V batteries or by Li-Ion 230V/14.4V power supply for mains operation. The battery compartment is integrated into the handle and the lamp features an electronic charging status check with low discharge protection.
If you already own a REMS Press Tool, you can use the battery as a charger for the LED Lamp.


The Handy plunger is a basic tool but never-the-less important for the job. Trade professionals should be equipped with the more hardy approach which is significantly stronger than the average consumer product. A heavy-duty flange and cup plunger will offer you strength, pliability and stronger suction. These are available at any good hardware equipment store.

REMS Pull-Push PlungerOR,
choose to invest in the ‘Super powerful’ REMS Pull-Push plunger.
Not only does is contraption engineered with the proven, reliable suction and pressure ability to quickly, easily, and effectively clear out any blockages that are present in your pipes but it is SO economical.
The Pull-Push allows for high-pressing force by the front and an adjustable handle for easier manoeuvring. ThePull-Push features a short sleeve for fast clearance of blockages in wash basins and baths, and a long sleeve for pressure cleaning toilets.

led lamp

REMS Cobra 22/32 motorised Auger

When you out on site and the pipes needing some attention are underground, the ability to dig down is essential. Sometimes a hand auger is just too much effort! This is where the motorised version can offer its muscle. A ‘snake machine’ can remedy a heavily clogged drain without the operator having to exert too much energy. Let the REMS Cobra 22/32 do all of the work for you. The REMS Cobra is a quality machine, reliable and German made. It carries a high speed rotator with connectable cable sections for work upto 100 metres. Not only does it prove effective with chain knocking and milling upto 740 rpm but it operates under extreme conditions when presented with roots and hard incrustations. You will never regret owning this hard worker.

As a professional plumber, you are aware of those incidental issues that may arise when you least expect it. This is precisely why safety must be considered at all times. Let’s start with the humble goggles:

If you work in an environment full of dust or rancid air contaminants, the Half Mask is a comfortable resolution. It features fully adjustable four-point cradle suspension which ensures a comfortable facial fitting. The mask also offers minimal visual impairment as it is made with a low-profile angle filter and a contoured moulded nose. It is made from a durable thermoplastic rubber and the low-resistance breathing valve ensures a reduction in both heat and moisture build-up. An
item that is priceless when plumbing sewerage pipes or messy outdoor jobs.

A plumber often needs to grip slippery pipes, examine leaks or inspect piping with suspect leakage. A good quality non-slip glove is essential in your bag of tricks.
The hardy ‘Cow Grain Riggers’ glove is made from cows hide and are designed with hand protection in mind. They offer a comfortable fit and feature a wing thumb with stitch free palm for a more comfortable fit. Use these gloves for gripping, protection from harmful abrasives and waterproof handling. They are also available in a range of hand sizes up to extra large.

snake and safety first


If you are new to plumbing or have been in the game for a lifetime, you will never be complete without a decent Press-Fitting Tool. Depending on your application, the REMS Brand is reliable, expertly manufactured in Germany and has the strength to seamlessly press on your pipes for easier and quicker shape manipulation.
These tools set the industry standard and surpass any expectations you may have in both durability and performance. We offer a wide variety of Press tools to fit any application. Our range can be specific to tighter spaces or even the toughest of pipes.

Not only are crimpers used with PEX piping, they are essential in joining multiple pieces of metal fittings onto each other. It is largely a minefield in the world of crimping equipment as there are many inadequate products out there. One brand which is both cost-effective and highest of quality is the REMS brand. There are multiple choices available ranging from the starter pack Mini Press up to the big boy range of Akku-Press and Power-Press. You will be impressed with their quality (German made), durability and ease of use. The Mini-Press is even available as both a pistol grip or the standard grip. Its power is impressive and all of the REMS Press Tools come with a solid 1 year warranty. 

press fitting systems

REMS Pressing TONGS Range

Where would a Crimper be without a range of tongs to suit? Tongs come in so many sizes and capabilities, it is best you decide what materials you work with and your application first.
As well as your crimping equipment Press Tools, REMS supply a huge range of tongs to partner your equipment. Ranging from tools to suit every pipe material to catering to a 45 degree tong for hard-to-fit places.
Explore our Tongs Range.


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