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Customer Reviews

Steel Garden Beds

With the style and beauty of these Steel Garden Beds from Waterplex, you’ll be able to create the most stunning garden in the neighborhood. These ready-made beds are easily movable and can be placed anywhere along your property to bring some colour and style to the spot, whether it’s in your garden, on the lawn, on a concrete slab, or on a tank stand. Engineered from the same durable and heavy-duty Bluescope® Aquaplate® steel as standard water tanks with an internal polymer lining that protects them from moisture, you can expect longer lasting service from these raised garden beds. The top edges are rolled so there are no sharp edges on the steel while all joins are machine riveted for extra strength. Available as round or slimline types, they can hold between 256 litres to 4,616 litres.

  • Waterplex

    Waterplex Slimline Garden Bed - WP-WG60510

    Waterplex Steel Slimline Garden Bed The Waterplex Slimline Garden Bed can be easily placed in your garden, on your lawn, on a concrete slab, or on a tank stand to add some more eye-pleasing appeal to the area. This kind of addition creates some charm for...

  • Waterplex

    Waterplex Round Garden Bed - WP-WG51010

    Waterplex Round Steel Garden Bed You'll be able to make your lawn or garden a lot more eye-catching when you install the Waterplex Round Garden Bed. This addition to your lawn doesn't take up a lot of room in your garden, only adding a pleasant accessory...

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