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Liquid Solutions

Waterplex offers a wide and detailed selection of water tanks and accessories, which are some of the best rainwater storage and harvesting solutions that you can find in Australia. Built durable enough to handle the harsh Australian elements, these tanks provide you with the short-term, medium-term, and long-term solutions to your liquid storage and transport inquiries.

Water Tanks & Bladders

Waterplex sells one of the most extensive ranges of rainwater tanks in Australia, so they are bound to have a solution that suits your requirements. Water tanks are available in a large number of different materials, sizes, styles, liquid capacities, and shapes. The team at Waterplex can help you determine the best solution and provide professional advice on the installation of your water tank and the broader rain harvesting solution.

Water Tanks & Bladders
Rainwater Pumps & Accessories

When it comes to outfitting your water tanks with the best, ANC Distribution has you covered. From accessories that are designed to prevent leaves and other debris from getting into your water tank to fittings that improve the overall performance of the whole rainwater harvesting system, we carry all of what Waterplex has to offer in terms of Rainwater Pumps and Accessories. We have durable rainwater pumps from Bianco and Davey, rain eaters and rain beaters as well as tank gauges from Blue Mountain, and so much more accessories and components that are designed to enhance your rainwater harvesting system to the max.

Rainwater Pumps & Accessories
Liquid Storage

Waterplex has durable and sturdy tanks that can reliably store your liquid for the long term or short term. They also provide the right liners that protect and preserve the quality of the liquids that are being stored while keeping them clean and untouched. These Commercial & Industrial Bladder Systems, Tank Liners, Dam and Pond Liners, and Onion Tanks are essential to anyone who wants to protect their water from contamination or seepage. Waterplex chooses only the best available materials to manufacture the tanks and the liners, offering a longer lasting storage solution that treats your liquids right.

Liquid Storage
Flexitanks / Bulk Liquids

The entire process of transporting bulk liquids safely can be a real challenge due to the weight of the product and the force that it can generate while in transit. The key to the safe transportation of liquids is to ensure that the liquid does not move during the journey. To prevent liquid movement while also offering a more compact and space-efficient storage and shipping method, ANC Distribution offers the wide range of Waterplex LiquA Flexitanks that we have available. From the space-saving K-Flex Intermediate Bulk Containers to the warming H-Flex Heating System, these Flexitanks are all designed to take good care of your liquids throughout transport.

Flexitanks / Bulk Liquids
Spills & Barriers

There is always the risk of product spills in this kind of industry in which manufacturing, transporting, and storing liquids is so prevalent. There’s also the cost of any clean up and the resulting damage to the local and general environment to deal with. These products are manufactured to help in managing and mitigating that risk and the resulting cleaning process if the worst does happen. In addition to bunding products, we also offer incredibly durable and flexible Curtains to help prevent dust and dirt from getting into your workspace.

Spills & Barriers
  • Davey

    Davey KRBS2 63 Ipm Submersible Pump

    Davey KRBS2 Submersible Pump The Davey KRBS2 63 Ipm Submersible Pump is an automatic controller for rainwater harvesting. It is able to take the stored water and supply it for your toilet and laundry appliances, saving up to 40% of a household's mains...

  • Davey

    Davey KRBS1 40 Ipm Submersible Pump

    Davey KRBS1 Submersible Pump With the help of the Davey KRBS1 40 Ipm Submersible Pump, you'll be able to save up to 40% of a household's mains water use by harvesting the rainwater from your storage tank instead, directing the water to applications such...

  • Davey

    Davey KRB2 46 Ipm Surface Mounted RainBank & Pump

    Davey KRB2 Surface Mounted RainBank & Pump The Davey KRB2 46 Ipm Surface Mounted RainBank and Pump is an automatic controller for rainwater harvesting. It is able to take the stored water and supply it for your toilet and laundry appliances, saving...

  • Blue Mountain

    Blue Mountain RHLB20 90mm Leaf Beater

    Blue Mountain RHLB20 Leaf Beater With the Blue Mountain RHLB20 90mm Leaf Beater installed onto your rainwater storage tank, you'll be able to effectively filter out everything that's trying to get into your tank that's not water. Designed with a...

  • Blue Mountain

    Blue Mountain RHUL01 90mm Leaf Eater Ultra

    Blue Mountain RHUL01 Leaf Eater Ultra The Blue Mountain RHUL01 90mm Leaf Eater Ultra is the result of years of researching, developing, and refining a clean and reliable method of preventing dirt and debris from flowing directly into your rainwater...

  • Blue Mountain

    Blue Mountain RHAD01 90mm Leaf Eater Advanced

    Blue Mountain RHAD01 Advanced Leaf Eater As the latest innovation based on the market leading Leaf Eater, the Blue Mountain RHAD01 90mm Leaf Eater Advanced is the ideal rain head solution to preventing dirt, leaves, debris, insects, and animals from...

  • Davey

    Davey TankSense Water Level Monitor

    Davey TankSense Level Monitor The Davey TankSense Water Level Monitor is an invaluable device to have on hand as it allows you to easily track and monitor your water resource in order to ensure that your supply is always available. You won't be surprised...

  • Blue Mountain

    Blue Mountain TATG02 Tank Gauge

    Blue Mountain TATG02 Water Tank Gauge With the help of the Blue Mountain TATG02 Tank Gauge, you'll be able to keep better track of the amount of water remaining in your tank. This tank gauge is designed to reveal how quickly your water supply is...

  • Waterplex

    100mm Threaded Coupling for Underground Tank

    Threaded Coupling for Underground Tank Despite its small size, the 10mm Threaded Coupling is an essential component to your entire water tank. This coupling is designed to provide a quick and easy connection between the water tank pipe system and the...

  • Waterplex

    50mm Swivel Joint

    Swivel Joint 50mm Able to provide you with more flexibility, the 50mm Swivel Joint is an essential piece for your water tank. Its small size, light weight, and efficient sealing structure make it an easy-to-use and easy-to-install piece. With this joint...

  • Waterplex

    100mm Swivel Joint for Underground Coupling

    Swivel Joint for Underground Coupling 100mm By installing the durable 100mm Swivel Joint onto your water tank, you'll be able to bring in a level of flexibility that improves the tank's performance. With its light weight, small size, and low friction...

  • Waterplex

    NSW 65mm Storz Fire Kit

    NSW Storz Fire Kit Many Australian homes are located close to the Australian bush, which is known to easily catch on fire and cause devastating damage to home fronts. Bush fire fighting requirements and regulations are a critical factor, and it is...

  • Waterplex

    VIC 65mm CFA Fire Kit

    VIC CFA Fire Kit With many Australian homes located near the Australian bush, bush fire fighting requirements and regulations play a critical role in combating against the devastating fires. Urban and bush fire fighting professional need to have quick...

  • Waterplex

    75mm Boss Outlet

    Boss Outlet 75mm Your water tank won't be able to get much done unless you have the 75mm Boss Outlet installed. As small as it is, this component is essential to the overall performance of the tank. An all-purpose hose coupling, this outlet is designed...

  • Waterplex

    100mm Poly Bolted Tank Boss

    Poly Bolted Tank Boss The Waterplex 100mm Poly Bolted Tank Boss is an engineered 100mm 6 bolt PVC outlet component that plays a very important role for your steel tanks. This piece is designed to be used to interconnect tanks low down, providing a solid...

Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Water Storage Tanks

Waterplex tanks and bladders are designed to overcome many obstacles, such as limited space, limited access, or the need to keep the tank hidden out of sight. They can be used for industrial and commercial purposes and can be installed nearly anywhere on or below your commercial or private property. Installation is straightforward, and the experienced team at Waterplex is more than capable of assisting you throughout the installation process.

We also carry a variety of rainwater pumps and accessories to outfit these water tanks with. Most of these components are essential to the overall functioning performances of the Waterplex tanks. This collection of water pumps, filtration devices, and other accessories such as fittings, outlets, gauges, and indicators are all available to improve the performance of the tank and enhance its water collecting capabilities while also improving the quality of the collected rainwater.

For non-permanent, temporary solutions to storing your water, Waterplex has a line of durable and solid tanks that can preserve your liquids for the long term or short term. These Commercial Bladder Tanks, Industrial and Mining Bladder Tanks, I-Flex Flexitanks, and Onion Tanks are designed for easy transportation to their destinations where they can be quickly filled with the liquid for a variety of applications. Additionally, Waterplex offers the right liners for your tanks as well as dams and ponds to help prevent water contamination or seepage.

When it comes to the tricky job of transporting bulk liquids to their destinations, you need to transform your standard shipping containers into the world leading superior Flexitanks. These tanks are easy to install and provide you with a solid and reliable means of containing and protecting most food-grade, non-hazardous liquids during transportation. Flexitanks with integrated bulkheads include the E-Flex, R-Flex, and H-Flex. The K-Flex is the flexible collapsible drum intermediate bulk container for saving on space. Finally, the I-Flex is designed for flexible on-site storage.

Moving, transporting, handling, storing, and transferring liquids can be a messy job in which spills are likely to occur. However, the resulting spill could prove to be quite disastrous to the local and general environment, and the cleanup process can be both costly and time-consuming. To help mitigate and manage the risk of spills, Waterplex offers a range of Spill Bunding products that help mimimise the effect of the spill should one occur. This can save you a lot of time and stress in the long run. Additionally, Waterplex also offers durable Curtains for installation at your workspace, allowing you to either divide the spaces up into separate areas or to protect the areas from outside dust and debris.

Take a moment to browse through the very wide and very detailed selection of Liquid Solutions that ANC Distribution has available. Whether you are looking for a new rainwater harvesting system or a more convenient way to store your water or a more reliable way to transport your liquids, you’ll be sure to find a solution here.

Water Tanks & Bladders

From lightweight to large scale tanks, you get only the best of Waterplex's water tanks. These tanks come in such a variety of sizes, styles, capacities, and materials that you are sure to find the right tank for your property that matches your requirements. And if you can't find one that's the right size, we'll help you customise your ideal water tank until it meets the proper height, width, length, and capacity that you're looking for.

The water tanks can store from about 250 litres to a total of 272,000 litres. We have the corrugated steel tanks that come in a variety of styles, such as the slimline, rectangular slimline, square, round, all-in-one, modular, and garden beds. There are also the Eco Sac and Reo Sac storage bladder tanks, the poly slimline, under deck, and round tanks, and the underground Bagel and Donut tanks.

Rainwater Pumps & Accessories

A water tank is almost useless without a good pump that delivers that water to where it needs to go. That’s why Waterplex offers a variety of solid and reliable pumps for irrigation and mains connection as well as a myriad of other accessories that improve the overall performance of the tank or protect the quality of the water. We have First Flush and Rain Head devices that prevent contaminated water and other debris from getting into the water supply. There are also Gauges and Indicators that detect your water level and keep you informed on the status of the tank. Additionally, we carry many different fittings, outlets, and components that make up the tanks.

Liquid Storage Tanks

When it comes to temporarily storing liquids for the long-term or the short-term, Waterplex has you covered with their line of Liquid Storage solutions, which include Commercial and Industrial Bladder Systems, Onion Tanks, Tank Liners, and Dam and Pond Liners. These bladder systems as well as the onion tanks provide a convenient and reliable way to store liquid in difficult locations or for specific applications.

Waterplex also carries different Tank Liners, Dam and Pond Liners, each capable of containing and keeping the liquids in high-quality condition. Easy to deploy and install, these liners are designed from only top-notch materials in order to give your liquids the right kind of treatment that they deserve. Not only does Waterplex put forth a lot of effort in designing and manufacturing these liners and tanks, they also provide guidance and assistance during the installation process to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Flexitanks/Bulk Liquids

The transportation of bulk liquids can be a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and tricky job. The key to safe transportation is to use Waterplex’s line of LiquA Flexitanks. These tanks are designed to ensure that the liquid doesn’t slosh and splash around during transport, taking good care of whatever it is that is being transported. They come in a variety of styles.

The Flexitanks that feature integrated bulkheads include the E-Flex Dry Box Flexitank, the R-Flex Reefer Flexitank, and the H-Flex Steam Liner and Heating System. The K-Flex Collapsible Drum IBC offers greater flexibility as it retains the structural integrity of a steel framed rigid plastic IBC without the rigid tank or steel frame parts. The I-Flex offers reliable short-term and long-term storage that offers a major benefit to food manufacturers who have limited permanent storage capacity. Each of these Flexitanks serves a unique purpose, but all of them provide you with a superior liquid storage and transportation solution.

Spill Bunding & Barrier Products

Product spills are always a risk when handling, transporting, and storing liquids in this kind of industry. It is always a good idea to take precautions so that in the event that a spill does occur, it will have a minimal impact on the local and general environment. These Spill Bunding products are designed to minimise and help you mitigate the risk of spilling. We carry Spill Bunding, Vehicle Spill Bunding, and Pallet Spill Bunding products that are easy to deploy and help contain a spill should it occur, offering better management over the cleanup process. In addition to these products, we also have durable Curtains that are easy to erect around your workshop. They can be used to divide workspaces into separate areas or keep dirt and dust from getting into the workshop.

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